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ZirkonZahn® M5 Paragon Burs for milling Zirconia, Glass-Ceramic, Sintec, Nano-Composite

  • £6800

Ball-ended, Nano-Diamond coated milling burs for Zirconia, Glass-Ceramics, Sintec, Nano-Composites - compatible with ZirkonZahn® M5 Milling Units.

A better performance thanks to their shape and diamond coating.

The three-fold combination of the tools’ very hard surface, low coefficient of friction and micro grain WC results in an increased lifespan of up to 9 times more than uncoated tools.

Uses: Zirconia, Pre-sintered CoCr, Carbon fiber, Fiberglass, Nanocomposite y Hybrid ceramics.

For users of: Zirkonzahn M5.