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Digital Workflow

The most flexible and comprehensive digital solution.

Step 1: Scan Bodies

IPD2004 Scan bodies offer the best features on the market:

  • Compatible with intraoral systems (clinical) and with extraoral systems (laboratory).
  • Also compatible with the Renishaw® probe system.
  • It includes an integrated screw to prevent loss and make it easier to mount.
  • The TiN coating offers antibacterial properties to protect the gum.
  • The Titanium base assures a long-lasting connection and allows you to radiographically verify it is seated correctly.
  • The top part is made of PEEK, a polymer that favors implant reading and location.
  • Tolerance of ± 5 microns in the entire manufacturing process.
  • Reference / compatibility is engraved by laser marking.
  • 2 heights for singles: 10 mm for most cases, and 15 mm for situations where the implant is very submerged.

Step 2: Download Digital Libraries

Our digital libraries are available for the following systems:

Please click here to download our digital libraries.

Step 3: Adjustable Height Interface Abutment

Advantages of the new design:

  • Compatible with the TPA Angled Screw System
  • New asymmetrical trilobular engaging design.
  • Geometry that is easier to mill.
  • Helical grooves assuring better grip.
  • Larger support surface for the prosthesis, preventing insufficient thicknesses according to the materials used.
  • Three different platforms: Narrow, Regular and Wide.
  • Adjustable height - 8 mm series for Single Units and 6.5 mm for Multiples.
  • The angulation window can be enabled at all available heights, both in Multiples and in Singles. New CAD/CAM Libraries are available for all possible variations.
  • Different gingival heights up to 3.5 mm.
  • Cutting guides with a set screw to make cutting and milling easier.


Single Unit Interface Abutment

With a height of 8 mm, the unitary interface is enabled so that it can be trimmed down to various levels (6.5mm / 5mm / 3.5mm) according to the needs of each case.

With the help of the cutting guides and the transverse set screw, the height can be adjusted in a practical and simple manner.

Multiple Unit Interface Abutment

 The series height has been increased up to 6.5 mm and can be trimmed down to various levels (5 mm / 3.5 mm) according to the needs of each work. With the help of the cutting guides and the transverse set screw, the height can be adjusted the same way as the unitary interfaces.

Digital Analogs

Innovative design with two screws, one located in the lateral area and another one in the lower area.

  • Guarantees exact positioning of the analog in the 3D model.

  • The lateral screw allows you to work with an articulator without losing the recorded bite.