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Phibo® compatible PSD overdenture abutments

Phibo® compatible PSD overdenture abutments

  • £3900

PSD overdenture abutments that are compatible with Phibo® implants.

Our PSD overdenture abutments are manufactured from grade V titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) which offers a combination of high fatigue strength and an unsurpassed level of biocompatibility.

PSD Overdenture attachment system is a solution fully compatible with the Locator® abutment system, the most cost-effective overdenture attachment on the market and yet precise and reliable.

A full TIN coating protects the supraconnection against wearing, reduces the risk of loosening and increases the resistance to fatigue failure.The coating applied to the titanium is chemically stable and very uniform. The gold colour provides excellent aesthetic results and is extremely durable. Moreover, the TiN coating is completely biocompatible and reduces bacterial adhesion. 

All of our products are CE marked and hold Quality ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certifications.