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TPA Screw for Angled Screw Channels

TPA screws for angled channels are used when it is necessary to correct the transocclusal screw channel angle of the restoration in order to improve its functionality and aesthetics.

The screws are used in conjunction with a special elliptical Torx screwdriver which allows screwing from any angle up to 30°. This screwdriver has an intended fracture point which ensures that before an excessive torque which could damage the screw, the key will break in an area that would allow its removal, preventing also the TPA screw from being stripped.

Screw for angled channels and CAD/CAM: All TPA screws maintain the original screw seat and can be used with any implant library compatible with original manufacturer’s screws. Any additional software or libraries are not required.

The TiN coating applied to the TPA screw prevents the screw from loosening, avoids distortions in the thread flanks, and increases the preload and the resistance to fatigue fracture. Moreover, the TiN coating is fully biocompatible and reduces bacterial adhesion.

Download our TPA references table list here.