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Online-Dental, in association with IPD, announces the integration of the Interface and Hollow screw system in the CAD software from Dentalwings, Exocad, 3Shape and EGS. This latest update, will allow IPD users to design and produce crowns and bridges on interfaces with or without Hollow screw.

The abutment selection process during the CAD stage has been simplified in order to make it easy for the technician and to reduce the possibility of errors.

The libraries are designed to work on Interface level and support most popular implant systems from leading providers such as Nobel Biocare®, Biomet 3i®, Straumann®, Astra Tech®,  and Ankylos® among others.


IPD’s Scan body is the result of an extensive research on optimal scanning methods. A very precise manufacturing process enables accurate implant position. Our Scan body can be used together with the Interface system by linking both pieces with the hollow screw; this increases the effective life of the Scan body and reduces the stock needs dramatically. IPD has released three types of Scan body:

  • Engaging Scan body (Engaging Interfaces)
  • Non-engaging Scan body (Non-engaging Interfaces)
  • Wide non-engaging Scan body (Wide non-engaging Interfaces)

The upper Interface morphology, common to all its references, allows the users to cover any case with only 3 Scan body models, regardless of the implant connection.

 Engaging Interface Abutment and Scan Body

Non-engaging Interface Abutment and Scan Body

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