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Straumann® Tissue-Level compatible Titanium Abutment Screws

  • £1100

Titanium abutment screws that are compatible with Straumann® Tissue-Level implants.

IPD/DA-TR-01 - Screw designed for use with IPD abutments (OEM screw design is too wide for IPD abutment designs) (ø4.8mm RN and ø6.5mm WN implant level)

IPD/DA-TR-03 - OEM Screw Design  (ø4.8mm RN and ø6.5mm WN implant level)

IPD/DA-TR-00 - synOcta® Abutment Screw


Grade V titanium abutment screw. Maximum recommended torque 30Ncm. Grade V titanium it is significantly stronger than Grades I to IV titanium while having the same stiffness. Titanium Grade V is an excellent combination of strength, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility.

All of our products are CE marked and hold Quality ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certifications.

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