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IPD Driver Sets

Restore almost any implant with our IPD Universal Implant Driver Sets.

Set includes the following drivers:

  • Hex Screwdriver 1.20 (Biomet-3i®, Megagen® Anyridge®)
  • Hex Screwdriver 1.25 (BioHorizons®, Zimmer®)
  • Hex Screwdriver 1.27 (Astra®, Sweden & Martina®)
  • Hex Screwdriver 1.70
  • Square Screwdriver 1.25
  • Unigrip Screwdriver (Nobel® Biocare®)
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • TPA Screwdriver (IPD TPA Angled Screws)
  • Torx Screwdriver (Straumann®)
  • Multi-unit Screwdriver (Straight MU abutments)

Available with adjustable torque wrench, RA Shank handle or Lab Driver Handle depending on your need.