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Hollow Screw Driver

  • £2900

Driver for use with our Hollow Screw System.

The Hollow Screw is designed to be used with our interface abutment system. It allows for mechanical connection of the prosthesis to the interface abutment. 

The Hollow Screw is open in the longitudinal axis and it allows the implant level abutment screw to pass through in order to connect the Interface abutment to the implant. Occlusion tests can be performed without gluing the crown to the Interface and without changing the clinical procedures.

This new concept considerably simplifies current procedures and working methods in the dental lab, avoiding temporary cementation and all the related problems this entails.

The screw is made of anodized grade V Titanium, which is fully biocompatible. Therefore, it can be used as a permanent screw, improving the stability, reliability and durability of the structure.

For a more detailed description and workflow, please click here.

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