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ACTEON Extraction 2 Kit

ACTEON Extraction 2 Kit

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For atraumatic extractions without bone destruction.
This kit is intended for clinical procedures such as extraction of wisdom teeth, fractured roots, impacted teeth and root section. The six ultrasonic tips are each adapted to the anatomical context (reduced visibility and space) of anterior and posterior areas.
Inserted between the cementum and the periodontal ligament of the tooth, the tips will widen the ligamental space. Once separated from its attachment system, the tooth can be removed rapidly and with a less traumatic luxation. The alveolar bone edge can be kept intact; an alveolectomy is therefore avoided.
Usage guidelines recommendations:
- The tip must be activated before its insertion into the periodontal space.
- The tip must be placed parallel to the root.
- Perform a to-and-fro movement towards the apex.
- It is important not to exert a lever effect with the tips.

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