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ACTEON Crown Extension 2 Kit

ACTEON Crown Extension 2 Kit

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Precision and accessibility.
Specially developed for this type of procedure, the BS6 tip and three diamond-coated Crown Extension tips are designed for ostectomy (bone removal) and osteoplasty (bone reshaping).
The length of the diamond-coated active part of the CE3 tip dedicated to ostectomy is calibrated at 5mm thus allowing a rapid re-establishment of the necessary biologic width (laser mark at 3mm). A few millimeters of the root will be exposed by removal of bone to lengthen the clinical crown.
Thanks to the cutting selectivity of ultrasonics in surgical mode (frequency modulation), the CE tips limit the risk of damaging soft tissues (gingiva, ligaments, periodontal fibers, nerves).
Moreover, the cavitation effect enables excellent visibility of the operating field.

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