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ACTEON Crest Splitting 2 Kit

ACTEON Crest Splitting 2 Kit

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Easy and controlled technique.
The Crest Splitting tips can enlarge the crest smoothly, one by one, avoiding the risks of bone breaking.
The thin cutting CS1 and CS2 tips are dedicated to osteotomies up to 8 mm of depth. This fine and crucial incision guides the next stages. The CS3 tip is used to perform the discharge incisions in mesial and distal sides, always up to 8 mm of depth. This step avoids any bone cracks.
The conical CS4, CS5 and CS6 tips  enlarge the crest gradually without any trauma.
The bone filling biomaterials can be introduced  into the created space delicately. The placement of implant can be done immediately or can be delayed after healing.

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